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chip for sanitary napkin absorbency core
High quality function chip for sanitary napkin absorbency core raw materials

Anion and anti-bacterial composite chips applied in sanitary napkin can release negative ions.

Super Soft Nonwoven for baby diaper
SSS Super Soft Nonwoven for adult diaper

Hydrophilic spunbonded nonwoven fabric in hygiene industry mainly used as topsheet for various disposable baby diaper,adult diaper, sanitary napkins, underpads, breast pads, wet wipes etc.

fluff pulp SAP absorbent paper
Raw materials fluff pulp SAP absorbent paper for sanitary napkin absorbency core

1.Fluff pulp are used in diapers, feminine hygiene products 2.Untreated, bleached without chlorine, Excellent fiberization

Super Absorbent Polymer for nappy
white SAP super absorbent for baby diaper

SAP for sanitary napkin has fast suction of blood, high absorption capacity, good gel strength and moisture resistance. According advanced production technology, SAP is non-toxic, no smell and no stimulation to skin.

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Hight quality Structure hot melt glue for adult diaper

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Structure Hot Melt Glue Or Spandex Hot Melt Glue for Diaper or Sanitary



1kg/block,each block with a release paper,20kgs in a carton. 


It can well bond PE film, non-woven, porous film and tissue

It is designed for construction application for sanitary napkins and diapers

It is specially designed for all types of high-speed full-automatic production line of sanitary pads and diapers.

At present our company cooperation customers have:

Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Mauritius, Myanmar, Albania, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Poland, USA, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Libya, Korea, Cameroon, Uganda.

About order

1.Sample:free samples but you will pay for the freight fee.

2.delivery time: one month after payment received

3.Payment terms:30% deposit at first,then balance the payment when the goods is shipped.

4.OEM service,customized order:provide design profiles for us and we will complete the work accordingly.

5.Every order you place will be highly appreciated with high quality but competitive price.

Other raw materials of diapers & sanitary napkins available: 

1).   PE film and cloth-like film materials 

2).   PP/MAGIC Side/Frontal Tape 

3).   Hot-melted glue(Spandex/Structure) 

4).   FLUFF PULP(treated/untreated,SAP) 

5).   Jumbo tissue paper(Upper/Lower Tissue Papdsxer) 

6).   Non-Woven (Topsheet-Hydrophilic N.W./ leakage-Hydrophobic N.W.) 

7).   Spandex / Waistband.

8).   Release tape for sanitary napkin 

9).   Released paper (winged/back of sanitary pad)  

10). Sap absorbent paper

11). Airlaid Paper

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